Abroad Consultation

  • Provide general information of Canada
  • Introduce the city where students will stay
  • Provide living and studying tips
  • A free study guideline




  • Finding homestay
  • Taking students to the host family after landing
  • Deal with issues between host families and students
  • Visit host families from time to time, provide feedback to parents


Ground Service

  • Airport pick up and notify parents
  • Airport pickup service in holiday period
  • Assist students with applying medical care
  • Assist students with opening bank account
  • Phone number registration, bus ticket


Academic Supervision

  • Maintain contact with students and parents
  • Sending test report and attendance sheet to parents
  • Consultation for study, course-selection, entering higher grades, and transferring schools
  • Assistance with exam registration


Studying Abroad Guidance

  • Moving house
  • Students activity
  • Volunteer
  • Mail service



  • It is the Canadian law that any overseas student under 19 must have a legitimate guardian
  • Canadalin will also be responsible for that.



Visa Application

  • Provide checklist for visa
  • Fill in the visa forms for students
  • Visa and studying permit renew
  • Canada visa renew, US visa application, passport


University Application

  • Consultation for selecting majors and schools
  • Personal statements and recommendation letter
  • Assistance with applying the university, providing checklist
  • Assistance with preparing interview for university